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August 11, 2022 00:31:49
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E185 Grant Shaddick: Co-Founder @ Tella

Grant Shaddick is the Co-founder of Tella - a new kind of screen recorder helping people make better videos at work. Tella provides Screen and camera recording for making an impression. Fully customizable, instantly shareable, all in your browser. Twitter: @9ranty Website: ...



August 08, 2022 00:28:01
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E184 Camille Franceschi: Co-founder @ Joonbot

Camille Franceschi is the co-founder of Joonbot, a no-code chatbot builder to automate in minutes your recurring interactions. JoonBot is accelerated by the Zendesk Acceleration Program and the famous Incubateur HEC, and it is, based at "Station F" in Paris, which is the world's biggest startup campus. Twitter: @camillefrancesc Website: ...



August 04, 2022 00:25:58
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E183 Paul Salvage: CEO @ Productly

Paul Salvage is the CEO at, where they design, develop and maintain minimum viable products using #nocode development tools. Their clients are startups, corporate product labs and regular non-technical folks with an idea. Website: ...



July 29, 2022 00:25:11
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E182 Ernesto Verdugo: Multi-Award Winning Speaker

Ernesto Verdugo is a Multi-Award Winning Speaker, TEDx Speaker, Corporate Trainer, 247th Most Traveled Person in the World. Ernesto helps You Gain Visibility, Become Relevant & Get People Lining Up To Buy Your Products Or Services Using YouTube. LinkedIn: /in/ernestoverdugo/ Twitter: @ernestoverdugo ...



July 28, 2022 00:26:27
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E181 Dr. Charles Redd, D.Min: Fortune 500 Executive & Transformational Leader

Dr. Charles Redd, D.Min is a Fortune 500 Executive, Author, Life Coach, Professor, Speaker, Mentor and Transformational Leader. With over 30 years of success as a speaker, minister and leader in Fortune 500 organizations, Dr Charles' Mission is to Add life purpose through teaching and growing others. His Linkedin: /in/drcharlesredd/ Website: ...



July 27, 2022 00:40:22
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E180 Jason Todd: John Maxwell Certified Speaker

Jason Todd is a Strategic Advisor, an Interventionist, a Consultant, and a Keynote John Maxwell Speaker. For over 20 years, Jason has helped businesses see the bigger picture and use that vision to eliminate the constraints that clutter the path to success. His experience ranges from business ownership, marketing & consulting to software application development for small to large and multinational corporations. LinkedIn: /in/jasonatodd/ Website: ...