How to Use the X-Squared Simple Story Structure

Episode 2 January 04, 2020 00:36:12
How to Use the X-Squared Simple Story Structure
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How to Use the X-Squared Simple Story Structure

Show Notes

#002 The story structures taught to you are meant originally for scriptwriters. 

Scriptwriters take 3-6 months to write the first draft of their script. We marketers and business owners don't have such luxury of time, and we don't need to.

Because of this, some marketers and business owners don't even start. A few make a clunky first try, and give up. And either way, you can't use something like the Hero's Journey to structure a story on the fly, in real time, in a conversation, presentation, or to pepper your marketing and emails with a dozen effective small storybonding stories.

Because of this, I simplified storytelling into the X-squared simple story struture that I will teach you today.

When you finish listening to this podcast, you will have no confusion about how to turn anything into an effective story. Your marketing will become more interesting to your customers, and even in your normal conversations, you will come across as much more charismatic.

Because your message deserves to be heard in this world. People need your help. And you need to see the impact you have on their lives, to know how important your work is. I'm tired of good people feeling the Imposter Syndrome. And I will give you all the tools and support you need, so together, we will change this world for the better. It's time.

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