Marketing MakeOver - Chris Tung: Try Coffee Chats Platform

Episode 56 January 12, 2021 00:53:38
Marketing MakeOver - Chris Tung: Try Coffee Chats Platform
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Marketing MakeOver - Chris Tung: Try Coffee Chats Platform

Show Notes

Listen to this episode and discover how, Chris and me, took the Coffee Chats marketing to that emotionally resonant super-effective next level.

Chris Tung is an exceptionally kind human being. He is now the Global Retention CRM Lead, Devices and Services for Pixel and Nest at Google. Worked twice at Amazon. And in his spare time, is building a No-Code Coffee Chats platform where experienced people who care can mentor the next generation, build their legacy, and leave the world a better place.

His LinkedIn:

His Twitter: @chptung @trycoffeechats


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