The Most Important Marketing Prediction for 2020 and Beyond

Episode 1 January 04, 2020 01:08:31
The Most Important Marketing Prediction for 2020 and Beyond
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The Most Important Marketing Prediction for 2020 and Beyond

Show Notes

#001 Today, most marketers and business owners are using marketing that is easy to copy. It has no real uniqueness.

What’s worse, the upcoming domination of A.I. Marketing will drive them ALL out of business. What they think, today, is a competitive advantage will be easily cloned tomorrow by A.I. algorithms. AI will do it better, faster, and cheaper.

This Podcast is about a type of marketing that AI cannot beat. It is about developing a true Competitive Advantage that nobody can copy: StoryBonding Marketing.

With StoryBonding Marketing, you will be able to connect to the souls of your audience, to create deep bonds with them, to become... family. 

It is marketing based on the honest human touch that will make you a welcome guest at the homes of everyone of your prospects.

In this Podcast, I will present to you the simple structures, correct mindsets, and unexpected techniques that will make you a StoryBonding expert.

Then, you can have peace of mind: You will know that your business is safe, that your business will grow no matter what, that when most other online marketers will get wiped out by the upcoming AI explosion, you will not only survive, but thrive.

Why? Because Human Bonds are and will always be the most powerful form of competitive advantage.

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